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A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 2.4 version.

Changelog :

[2.4] - 2019-08-24


  • Change default version of PHP in .env.dist file from 7.2 FPM to 7.3 FPM
  • Change License date
  • Update README
  • Update maildev configuration to use msmtp in replacement of ssmtp



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When you use a docker-compose,you can want restart a service without restart all services.

Type the following command :

docker-compose up --no-deps containername

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When you use a docker container, it could be interresting to be with root user.

It can be necessary to install some temporary tools for instance.

To simply you connect to the container with root user (id = 0), type the following command :

docker exec -u 0 -it mycontainer /bin/sh

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Sometimes when you install manually some packages, they are broken and the command

sudo apt --fix-broken install

does not works !

In this case, 2 steps to correct:

  1. Soft correction
sudo apt-get update --fix-missing
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get install -f

If the problem of a...

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