EnvDev 2.1 is available

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A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 2.1 version.

Changelog :

[2.1] - 2018-04-05


  • Share git config & ssh keys
  • Add envdev vhost configuration for Apache & Nginx
  • Rename projects directory to home
  • Add `.env.dist configuration example
  • Add Makefile
  • Use current UID & GID in container
  • Add Make action "stop" to stop all containers
  • Add Make action "homepage" to open envdev.localhost in default browser


  • Rename conf/apache/vhost directory to conf/apache/vhosts
  • Update working directory for PHP container
  • Change PHP image
  • Refactoring Home page
  • Set docker-compose make action with detached mode


  • Remove NodeJs container (already include in PHP image)

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