A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 2.3 version.

Changelog :

[2.3] - 2018-07-14


  • Change default version of PHP in .env.dist file from 7.2 FPM alpine to 7.2 FPM
  • Change License date
  • Update README
  • Move PHP FileMatch from Apache VHost configuration to generic Apache configuration
  • Refactoring documentation in multiple files


  • Add JS Tools : NodeJS, Npm, Grunt, Gulp, Yarn
  • Add Bash in alpine versions
  • Add PHP wrapper
  • Add Node wrapper
  • Add Git wrapper
  • Add Composer wrapper
  • Add Grunt wrapper
  • Add Gulp wrapper
  • Add Npm wrapper
  • Add Yarn wrapper
  • Add Typescript wrapper
  • Create a docker vfac network
  • Fix image versions from .env configuration file (Database, Web server, Cache server, Database admin)
  • Add customization of projects path in container from .env file

You can found the full project here

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