EnvDev 3.0

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A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 3.0 version.

EnvDev is now not only a PHP environment. You can now create a NodeJS environment. Create your custom environment profiles for each projects.

Changelog :



  • Create one environment file by container
  • Add profile creation by make command
  • Add profile running by make command
  • Add node base
  • Add PHP or Node base profile creation
  • Home is now a separated container
  • Homepage is launch in default browser at the end of the servers running
  • Stop action launching at the end of each run action


  • Update docker compose file to 3.6 version
  • Explode docker compose files in multiple files
  • Update default redis version container
  • Move volume in dedicated services
  • Refactoring default profile

You can found the full project here

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