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SSH Keys

system security linux ssh
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The objective of the generation and export of the SSH keys is the possibility to connect to the server without typing a login / password.


On the server, .ssh directory must be present in home directory of the user used by the client. For instance, if the client use vincent account to...

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KISS principle

Development Principles POO
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KISS principle or Keep it simple, stupid is a design guideline that recommends simplicity and and forbidden all unnecessary complixety.

Complexity is a source of production costs, maintenance and therefore errors. Keep it simple, limit unwanted effets.

The KISS principle also makes it easier...

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New site version

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It's done !

a new site version for is online to present my projects, my articles, my tips, etc.

Actually 2 projects are available on the platform : TMDB & EnvDev

  • TMDB is a simple library to interface The Movie Database API V3.
  • EnvDev is a PHP 7 Docker environment

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