A complete wrapper to use The Movie DB API V3 in PHP


require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use VfacTmdb\Factory;
use VfacTmdb\Search;
use VfacTmdb\Item;

// Initialize Wrapper
$tmdb = Factory::create()->getTmdb('your_api_key');

// Search a movie
$search    = new Search($tmdb);
$responses = $search->movie('star wars');

// Get all results
foreach ($responses as $response)
    echo $response->getTitle();

// Get movie information
$item  = new Item($tmdb);
$infos = $item->getMovie(11, array('language' => 'fr-FR'));

echo $infos->getTitle();

TMDB is a PHP library build to use easily the The Movie DataBase API. It is compliant with every modern PHP Frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, Slim, Silex, etc. it uses Guzzle to execute all HTTP calls and relies PSR-3 standards for logging.


Current version : Latest Stable Version

Via composer :

$ composer require vfalies/tmdb

Requirements and Compatibilities

One system dependency is required : PHP 7.1 or higher. Other dependencies are managed through Composer (Guzzle, Monolog).

It is tested with several PHP versions : PHP Tested

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Open source

TMDB is licensed under the MIT License and published through GitHub