Vincent Faliès - Artisan Codeur

To PHP specific version of PHP, we will use SURY third-party repository.

Following steps must be used to install specific version:

Install repository and dependencies

  1. Update the repository cache
sudo apt update
  1. Install dependencies
sudo apt install -y curl wget gnupg2 ca-certif...

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The creation of SD card is a recurrent problem when, for instance, you will install a new raspberry pi.

The command line is a good solution for several reason:

  • If you must do the action only one time, it's useless to install a graphical interface.
  • On a server or on a live installation, you...

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When you get a taste for the virtual desktop under Linux, it's quite difficult to do without it.

On Ubuntu 18.04, by default, when the user change his virtual desktop with a multi-screen configuration, only the primary screen change ! To modify this comportement and change the desktop on all scree...

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Restart service in docker-compose

system linux docker container root docker-compose
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When you use a docker-compose,you can want restart a service without restart all services.

Type the following command :

docker-compose up --no-deps containername

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Root inside a docker container

system linux docker container root
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When you use a docker container, it could be interresting to be with root user.

It can be necessary to install some temporary tools for instance.

To simply you connect to the container with root user (id = 0), type the following command :

docker exec -u 0 -it mycontainer /bin/sh

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