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Git cheat sheet

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With GIT, a great cheat sheet is more efficient than a long text !

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Few easy steps to moving GIT repository content to another repository preserving history

  1. Fetch all of the remote branches and tags to local index:
git fetch origin
  1. Create a new remote on local repository
git remote add new-origin
  1. To push all local branches a...

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The database classicaly used with Symfony 4 is MySQL / MariaDB throught Doctrine project. However, some projects need a NoSQL database like MongoDB in replacement of the relational database. It's not a reason to not develop them with Symfony 4 !

The DoctrineMongoDBBundle is a project that allows...

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A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 2.3 version.

Changelog :

[2.3] - 2018-07-14


  • Change default version of PHP in .env.dist file from 7.2 FPM alpine to 7.2 FPM
  • Change License date
  • Update README
  • Move PHP FileMatch from Apache VHost configuration to generic Apach...

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EasyAdminBundle is THE bundle to create administration backends in Symfony.


The installation of this bundle integrating FOSUserBundle to manage users in Symfony 4 is very simple and can be do in 3 steps.

  1. Installation of FOSUserBundle
  2. Installation of EasyAdminBundle
  3. Configure t...

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