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In some PHP projects, you could have to use an Oracle Database. In this case, you need install OCI8 module in your PHP configuration.

Install Oracle Client Instant & SDK

Download the latest Oracle Instant Client and SDK

Download the latest Oracle Instant Client and SDK from the Oracle website


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A new version of EnvDev project is now available in 2.4 version.

Changelog :

[2.4] - 2019-08-24


  • Change default version of PHP in .env.dist file from 7.2 FPM to 7.3 FPM
  • Change License date
  • Update README
  • Update maildev configuration to use msmtp in replacement of ssmtp



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In development, when you updates records in database through a form, it's very interesting to known what have changed and what have not changed.

If you use Doctrine with entities, these informations are easily to determined. For instance with an user entity :

        $uow = $this->em->getUnitO...

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Git cheat sheet

web Git

With GIT, a great cheat sheet is more efficient than a long text !

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Few easy steps to moving GIT repository content to another repository preserving history

  1. Fetch all of the remote branches and tags to local index:
git fetch origin
  1. Create a new remote on local repository
git remote add new-origin
  1. To push all local branches a...

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